1950’s RARE Lectrolab DeArmond Tripod Soundhole Acoustic Guitar Pickup

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting..

An extremely RARE 1950’s Lectrolab Tripod Mount Sound Hole Guitar Pickup. Very little is written about these and information is hard to find. It has a pot dates of 1942 which speaks to its early days. Lectrolab was using parts left over from the Valco factory including old pots and Hersey Bar Pickups..this cool Guitar Pickup is one of those.

I found a pic of one of the Lectro Pickups on the internet with the Lectrolab Logo on it. See pic 11. IT IS NOT THE PICKUP THAT IS FOR SALE. It is only an example of one of these that still has the lectrolab logo on it.

Heres some information I found on the internet regarding these Cool Lectrolab Pickups….

Lectrolab was a company in Chicago Ill. that made amps and other tube electronic devices. This was a collaborated design from Lectrolab and Harry DeArmond presented to Rowe Industries in need of a pickup the would fit in a soundhole that had to be thin enough to fit on top of the frame and not rise too far above the soundhole's edge.

This Hershey bar pickup fit the bill. This was designed in 1954. This pickup bobbin and many different covers would become only one of hundreds DeArmond would design to fit Bud Rowe's vision of standardizing their manufacturing of pickups. The pickup design itself would go onto millions of guitars and devices from 1956 thru the mid 70's using the S scroll, Toaster top, Mustache, Diamond covers and even the model 1200 soundhole pickup......

The tripod design fitting to the soundhole would become the inspiration to Rowe-DeArmond to make the 220 pickup and eventually the 130, 230, 240 and 260 pickups.

This cool Pickup sounds as good as it looks. Given the DeArmond Hersey Bar Pickup in its design, it has that dark bluesy sound we all expect from these cool Pickups. It’s the same pickup used in all the Stratotone Harmony and Silvertone Guitars made in that era. It has both volume and tone controls. The cool knobs look like many I have seen on Valco Lap Steel Guitars like National and Supros. Also Valco parts. The cord has been checked out and it nice and long. The Vintage input barrel jack is working properly. I had our Techs go over all the soldier joints to insure proper operation.

Its very easy to install. Simply loosen your strings, slide the pickup into the hole and tighten the latch bolt that secures the third leg of Tripod mounting. See example in pics 3 and 4.

Awesome RARE early 1950’s Pickup that is still very very functional. Complete your Vintage Guitar electronically with a true Vintage Pickup. You won’t find many of these around!

Sold as-is no returns as its vintage and use, however, I have been hand picking my customers guitars and gear for over 17 years now and they all love the instruments I find. The cool Vintage Lectrolab Pickup will certainly not be an exception.

Thanks for checking out our guitars.

Mike at Lawman Guitars

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