1962 Harmony H74 Neo Cutaway Dual DeArmond Gold Foil Pickups Factory Bigsby Orig Case

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting...

A really hard to find guitar. This is a 1962 Harmony H74 Neo Cutaway Guitar with the super hot DeArmond Gold Foil Pickups and factory Bigsby......It has tons of player vibe, looks, and sound ...the guitar is Pro Setup and plays just great. One of the best Harmony necks I have found.....

This one is a 1962 given the S-62 Stamp in the sound hole..no doubts about this year. These cool guitars were only made from 1961 thru 1967. They didn’t make many of them as the Rockets were so popular. I was asked 6 years ago to find one of these for a customer. Its taken me this long to even find one. I hope he sees this listing. I can’t remember who it was..LOL..

This guitar is all original with a few exceptions..It was really beat when I got it but all of the parts were here. I added a repro Logo that looks really good on the headstock and the whole side of the guitar was cracked from an input juck being yanked out. It was poorly glued so Jeff the Tech cleaned that up and built us a new side jack plate to not only reinforce the jack for next time, but also to hold the side together. He did a great job. See pics 10 and 11…He also filled a hole in the top of the Headstock...see pics 6 and 7 …other than that, all original including the pickguard, knobs, tuners, DeArmond Gold Foil Pickups and Factory Bigsby.....This guitar is really cool…

There is nothing that detracts from the big booming sound of this cool guitar...It has super super low action and it sounds HUGE....If you have never heard these Pickups...you are in for a treat...They sound great!!..

Lets review whats original or correct on this one....

Just about Everything!

Now lets see whats not original...

Replacement logo, and new jack plate..everything else is original including the Harmony Softshell Plush lined case! ...Check the pics..this is a great Guitar!!!

The sound of these guitars are really 50's and 60's blues, jazz, country, and rock......It has a that distinctive Harmony sound .....The neck is great.......the action is low and the neck is very comfortable to play..You will not want to put his one down when you get it..its a blast to play......I have enjoyed playing it and know it will be a treasured guitar to whoever is lucky enough to get this guitar...

The case is really cool. Very good shape. Only one latch at the end doesn’t work. The other two hold the case top closed very effectively. Nice red plush interior and the accessory box is still with it! Great case for this vintage guitar.

.....Now this guitar is beautiful but given its age it is sold as-is and is not returnable..However, will not disappoint the lucky buyer.. I have been hand picking my customers guitars for over 17 years now and my cusomers love the guitars I find...This one certainly won’t be an exception!

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Mike at Lawman Guitars

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