1965 Turquoise Silvertone by Teisco Model 1436 Dual Pickup Whammy Pro Setup Original Soft Case

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Today Lawman Guitars is Presenting...

A really cool 1965 Made in Japan for Sears, Solid Body Teisco made Silvertone. Its a very cool guitar and they were all made by Teisco for Silvertone in Japan…they started importing them in 1965 until ?? All original including the incredible shape Softshell Case

Heres what my favorite Silvertone expert at Silvertone World had to say about this really cool guitar!

The 1436 guitars were very different, lookswise, from one another. One was a wide-bodied two-pickup funky Flat-o-caster, and the other was a sleekly contoured two-pickup equipped starship. Both were tagged with a 1436 sticker, but obviously very different guitars. The one feature that made them share a number? As far as I can tell it's the double pickups. The 1437 guitars share the same number, have different shapes and have four pickups.

Based on the Teisco models WG2L and K-2L, the 1436 guitars were everything beautiful and ugly about MIJ axes, all under one model number!

Retired: ?

Teisco is famous for its unusual originals as well as copies of 'famous maker' instruments. In the early 60s, Sears offered a non-catalog line of varied Teisco-made guitars, and this guitar was part of that elite, odd family.

Most Teiscos sported striped metal pickguards from 1965 on, so we can use this as a general guide to the appearance of these instruments

I had it set up by our Tech and he has it playing with lvery good easy playing action ...The Original Turquoise Blue finish looks great .... the frets are in great shape as well ..the tuners and Tuner Grommets are all original and in great shape...The Teisco Single Coil Pickup is very strong and sounds great...very low easy playing action...no sore fingers with this one...it sounds and Plays Great!!! Love the Metal Stripped Pickguard..all the switches work properly and it has the original knobs, bridge, and even the original Whammy bar…those are always missing!

Be sure to check out the pics of the original case. Just as nice as the guitar. All latches, hinges and original handle are still with it. No funny or musty smells. This guitar was well preserved over the years in its case…
Now this guitar is uber cool but old and vintage so it is sold as-is no returns..but you will love it...I have been hand Picking my customers guitars for over 16 years now and they have all loved the instruments I have found….this one will not be an exception...

Thanks for checking out our cool guitars...

Mike at Lawman Guitars

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