1967 Gretsch 6119 Chet Atkins Tennessean (2 Pickup) Pro Setup Original Hardshell Case

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting...

 A 1967 Gretsch Tennessean Guitar with the original HiLo’Tron Pickups. It comes in the shown Original Gretsch Hardshell Case. This is a really cool guitar and it really sings!

This guitar has the Gretsch binding issue. Its all here still, but its deteriorating. I need to disclose that. We reglued a few places that were coming loose but one day, the bindings will have to be replaced. We all know that. For now, they are hanging in there. Check the pics..

Everything works as it should. All I did was clean it up, added new 10 guage strings and adjusted the floating Bigsby bridge to intonate it. Then I proceeded to enjoy playing this guitar for about an hour!! It sounds and plays great. Low action that has some room  left to lower it a little, it doesn't need it, and plenty of room to raise it for your playing preference.

It still has the original HiLo’Tron Pickups…Heres what Gretsch has to say about them..

HiLo’Tron Pickups

“HiLo’Tron Electric Guitar Pickups Feature Full Hi-Fidelity, Brilliant Highs, Mellow Lows and Extra Lively Response!”

The HiLo’Tron heads came along in 1958, quickly gaining a reputation for its broad range of tones – from “Brilliant Highs” to “Mellow Lows.”

Basically, HiLo’Trons were single-coil versions of the more prevalent Filter’Trons, without as much output. Relatively few Gretsch models were equipped with them, but that’s not to say that there weren’t notable examples in high-profile use – George Harrison carried the HiLo’Tron banner through the mid-1960s with his Tennessean sound, and the pickup was used on many Gretsch guitars through the ’80s

The guitar is really good shape. Dings and scratches of course. It’s a 1967, but nothing of any damage to report. It looks great!

As I’m sure you know..due to the popularity of this being one of the George Harrison guitars, Gretsch has been reissuing them. Do not mistake this as a reissue made overseas. This is a genuine Made in USA 1967 Gretsch Tennessean like Harrison played. He loved his HiLo’Tron Pickups sound. I do too! See pic 14!

The Original Gretsch Hardshell case is in as great of shape as the guitar. All latches, hinges and original handle are present and working. Check those pics!

This guitar is being sold as-is no returns as its vintage and used. Rest assured though, I have been handpicking my customers guitars for over 17 years now and they have all loved theirs. This beautiful Gretsch certainly will not be an exception. Any questions will be quickly answered and I am happy to discuss the guitar over the phone for an in-hand demo if you would like.

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Mike at Lawman Guitars

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